Hunting Sword

  • Maker: Emanuel Pioté (Austrian, Vienna 1781–1865)
  • Decorator: Jacob H. Köchert (Austrian, Vienna 1795–1868)
  • Dated: circa 1825
  • Culture: Austrian, Vienna
  • Medium: steel, gold, enamel, agate, wood, leather
  • Measurements: overall lenght 26 15/16 inches (68.5 cm)
  • Inscription: (engraved on face of blade) Vivat / Carolus 6 / Imperator / et Rex Boh. / 1723 (with Austrian double-headed eagle crowned); (around upper rim of locket) Piote & Kochert / Jouilliers de la Cour / à Vienne
  • Marking: Arms: (top of hilt) Hoyos Sprinzenstein; (on chape), Imperial arms of Austri

This richly decorated sword was made for one of the counts Hoyos-Sprinzenstein. His enameled coat of arms surmounts the lion-headed pommel. The scabbard locket is inscribed “Pioté et Köchert,” the leading Viennese jewelers of the nineteenth century.

Source: Copyright © 2014 The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Master glassblower and stained glass artist Loren Stump in California has wowed the internet with an extraordinary display of virtuosity. He created a “loaf” of glass, called murrine, out of carefully layered glass rods that, when sliced, reveal a painstakingly detailed work of art in cross-section.

"The most impressive thing about his work is that the resulting image can only be seen in its entirety after the murrini is cut…"

(via Artist Creates Glass Loaves That Can Be Sliced Into Beautiful Portraits Like Bread | Bored Panda)


  Painting-Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh

I cracked an egg that had two yolks inside!! I feel lucky today.


Portrait of Marie-Louise, the first Queen of the Belgians (detail), Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1841. Oil on canvas.


Click on the image to see the detail in a zoomable context.

Detail from *Gustave Moreau *, Thracian Girl Carrying the Head of Orpheus on His Lyre, 1865


Self-Portrait by Marie Ellenrieder, 1817.

the-ick-vault replied to your post: is it tacky that I’ve actually conside…

no … just keep it private for the closest inner circle to enjoy.

oh, I was actually thinking of getting it across my forehead

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No, but I think the best hard-and-fast rule ever heard about tattoos was NO TEXT. EVER. Not in any language, not in any script. Nothing. It spares you a lot of grief I think. Just get saint sebastian being devoured by a sphinx or something.

I don’t actually plan on getting any tattoos but saint sebastian getting devoured by a sphinx sounds amazing. A+ tattoo idea. 


Antonio Gisbert Pérez. El fusilamiento de Torrijos y sus compañeros en la playa de Málaga. 1888


1782 Joshua Reynolds - General Sir Banastre Tarleton


Portrait of a Man, probably a Member of the Van Beresteyn FamilyRembrandt, 1632

is it tacky that I’ve actually considered getting “martyr eater” tattooed somewhere on my body 


Henriëtte Ronner-Knip  - A Musical Interlude (1897)